In 1997, I began to experience symptoms that became increasingly troublesome. They began with tripping, stumbling, and dropping things. But, when the memory problems started and I was unable to handle most daily tasks the disease had my full attention. I was fully engaged in fear and desperation. It wasn’t until mid-May 2003, that I was diagnosed with severe Lyme disease. It robbed me of my body as I had known it, took all my athletic ability from me, and devastated my mind.

Lyme disease forced me to put away my camera. It hurt too much to lift it. I felt like an invalid, exhausted all the time and trapped. As the shooting pains intensified, I felt as though I was dying. There were nights when I fell into bed and prayed I would not wake. I was afraid for myself and my family.

The medical bills from my illness had piled up. I had been on antibiotics for three years. For ten weeks, I had been on heavy doses through an I-V. My life was spiraling out of control and I was losing myself.

“The nudge came to walk. So I began to walk, just walk. Even though I could barely walk, there was something in my heart that allowed it to be. I am still walking, although it is a different walk today as I feel grace all around me…I am thankful I listened.”

In 2005 I was introduced to Reiki and I had a feeling that it held something for me that regular medical treatment did not. I truly believed that it was my last-ditch effort to save my life. I had absolutely no idea that I was beginning to embark on a journey that would forever change my life. I would say, I just want to get back to being me, yet this was me. I was becoming present in my daily life as lived with this very difficult disease.

Today, I am grateful for this dreadful disease and the gift of change that it brought to me. My life has shifted. I am happy to be…yes happy to be… right here right now in this present moment.

Yes, I have Lyme Disease…Lyme Disease does not have me……

Oh blessed be!

THE LYME ALTAR: A People’s History of Symptoms, Sacrifice & Hope

efy is featured in the documentary THE LYME ALTAR: A People’s History of Symptoms, Sacrifice & Hope, A co-production of Touchable Stories Productions and Gordon Medical Associates. The DVD can be ordered at Createspace.

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