Where I live we had rain last night and today off and on, they feel like “Cleansing Rains” to me. The rhythm of the rain helps me breathe in and out with love, tend to my emotions and my heart.  This is a time of gratitude for my daily practice. A practice that has guided me through so much. A practice where I meet the Divine deep in my soul.

As I sit and listen, I pray for cleansing rain and air.  I pray for all as we navigate this terrain. I have been praying for family and friends that are working on the “Front Lines” in medical fields and other helpful work.  I held space and prayed for family as they traveled safely home.

I am in self–isolation, I have been for several days. I am tending to my soul. It was also necessary for me to isolate from social media for a while. My heart was feeling sad at times.  I started reading about science and health, educating myself. I sat in solitude and discernment. Becoming clear with the truth of the now, for me. I have been able to Skype with my Spiritual Director and connect with my Doctor by video.  So much blessing. My health is fragile as I continue with my current protocols.

I want to thank those that have reached out in so many ways. You have been helping me get through. I could not do my daily life with as much grace, without the help of close family and dear friends. I sit in gratitude.

With deep gratitude and love,  efy