I have decided to share my current walk with Lyme disease. For years I had been using meditation and my daily walk. Trying to be as healthy as I could be and be able to function in my daily life. But as my symptoms worsened, and there were more bad days than good days, I came to the decision to find a doctor that was Lyme literate and supportive. So I set the intention to find a doctor that would help me in my current status. That said, I shared this with folks in my circle, and lo and behold, I received an email of an article that would take me on a path that would lead to a naturopath doctor, but quite a distance away from my home. After a time of discernment and interview process, I went to Portland, OR.

In September during my first visit, I would go through many tests and a two week protocol for the Lyme disease. The protocol included daily IVs and also the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, our goal was to detox and strengthen my body before we could even begin to kill off the bugs. My body can only take so much at this point because it’s been through so much, we really couldn’t even begin to do a kill off at that point so I was sent home to continue to detox and strengthen while we waited for the test results to come back. When the test results came in and there were two coinfections found, this gave us more of a mapping of how to move forward.

In December, I went back to Portland Oregon a second time to begin another two week protocol, more centralized, more pinpointing the kill off of the bugs and the coinfections, more daily IVs and blood oxygen Ozone therapy. Just going through the protocols made me quite ill and I needed to take a break in between the protocol to rest.

So at this point we were only able to do detox and try to kill the bugs that are in my cells and tissues in my body. But we could only go so far with that, so this is where I am currently.  I am still doing the detox and the killing off, but I’m trying to strengthen my body in the process, because my next step is to go to Utah for a type of cell therapy. The days off seem to run together.  I’m tired. It’s like nothing I’ve been through to this point; it seems like it’s an endurance race.

Up to this point, I’ve kept my circle small where I’ve shared this, but now I need to widen my circle as I am asking for more prayer, more energy work, more of your good intentions. So a friend had asked me to begin posting in a place and saying what my needs are getting through this, and the only place I know to post this is Art of efy, because it’s who I am, it’s my happy place.  I will be posting and blogging through Art of efy and sharing this journey and the support that I am currently asking for is the support of setting good intentions for me to be able to become more healthy. While you’re on the website if you choose to take a look at the things that Art of efy has to offer that would be great support too at this time for me. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my offerings here and on my website.  Thank you.

My doctor referred me to a partner in Utah where I started last Monday Feb. 3, so the first of two full weeks in. It’s been good as the Dr. is really quite amazing and very lovely, so knowledgeable and caring with his approach. I have been able to relax into all as the support here is incredible. The landscape helps support as well. I am receiving at least 6 hours of IVs daily and sometimes more. Also, had some injections for my lymph system to help my brain. Lots of interesting information about how our bodies best receive all, and fighting the diseases at the cellular level.  A very exhausting week and not feeling well, so balancing nature and rest this weekend.

I’m feeling very emotional as I have really been quite ill for some time, It truly is mind, body, spirit. I have a very long way to go, but I believe that this is finally the direction for me. It will be difficult for me to go home in a week, I have really felt the love here. Oh blessed be,  love efy